Byam Shaw School of Art, followed by Chelsea School of Art, Degree in Painting. Exhibitions of sculpture in London, Beirute and Brussels in the 1980's 2005 Royal society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries.  
Awards: Building Conservation Award from Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyers for work on Scamston Hall in North Yorkshire. I have been part of the team working on St Georges Hall, Liverpool and the Trafford shopping centre. They both won the PDA Rose Bowl award. I have developed my craft skills over the years, starting with gilding while at art school and subsequently following a course in graining and marbling. In the eightys I became well known for my gilded and lacquered furniture. I was featured in a copy of Interiors magazine. My career has grown to encompass a range of skills developed to meet demand, I enjoy learning and experimenting.