Design Advice Service: Written specifications for contractors, site inspection and supervision carried out. Help and advice related to our areas of specialisation. Colour and decorative schemes produced.. Surveys undertaken and Reports written.
Decorative Painting Service. Decorating, restoration and renovation contracted for. We are experienced in using traditional paints and techniques. A full range of contemporary and traditional decorative finishes carried out:-
Oil glazing Traditional Oil Paints Flat oil Distemper Oil Bound Distemper Lime wash Sand Finish(lead based) Marbling Wood Graining Trompe l'oeil & Faux Murals Dragging Ragging Rolling Sponging Stencilling Stippling Shading Colour washing Lacquering Glazing Malachite Lining Spattering Antiquing Grisaille Decoupage Sandstone Blockwork Panelling Craquelure Liming Combing Tortoise-shelling
Site colour mixing service.
Gilding: Restoration and new water & oil gilding undertaken. Carried out on site or in our workshop.